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  • Size when in use: ø165mm x 620mm
  • Stow size: ø165mm x 250mm
  • The matching bag is available separately.
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All this makes the POP Fender awesome!

  • Compact - telescopic from 620 to 250mm on both sides
  • Non-toxic and recyclable
  • Maintenance-free
  • Individual parts can be re-ordered if required
  • No squeaking on the boat
  • Use under water possible
  • Washable at 65° in the dishwasher
  • Made in Germany & Austria
  • Before each delivery, each POP fender is oiled by hand with our care product and is subject to a visual inspection.

The POP Fender is a telescoping boat fender for recreational boating,
which works without air and functions like a spring.

The purpose of it is to protect against damage to the outer shell of a ship during port maneuvers, as well as when mooring at the quay wall, at jetties or in a parcel (ship to ship).

What makes POP Fender so unique and special?
It is compact, non-toxic & recyclable and does not squeak. You can even choose your own color, streaks and discolorations are easy to remove. It is maintenance-free, easy to clean and the use under water is also another advantage.

The POP Fender does not contain toxic PVC and environmentally harmful plasticizers.
In order to maintain its technical and optical properties, we recommend regular surface care with the original POP Fender Premium care product, which helps to preserve the surface condition.

Every single part of the POP Fender can be replaced individually and re-ordered at any time. Please write to info@popfender.com.

The POP fender has the largest diameter of 165 mm at the center section and the telescopic range is between 250 and 620 mm in length and weighs 1.48 kg.

Is POP Fender suitable for my boat?

The current POP Fender size is suitable for boats up to max. 26 feet / 8 meters

The following weight specifications (application specifications) must also be taken into account:

Model: POP Fender ø165mm x 250/620mm

Boat weight incl. Payload and persons according to approval Quantity
per page
Total number per boat
up to 2000 kg 3 6
from 2000 kg 4 8
up to max. 3000 kg suitable (incl. load and persons)


When exceeding the max. length and load of use, no damage that may arise can be assumed by the manufacturer. The manufacturer cannot accept any liability for any damage that may occur.

The POP Fender should be disassembled and cleaned annually – please see the following video link for instructions: https://popfender.com/instruction-manual/

Coarse stains or dirt have to be removed by hand before placing the POP Fender in the dishwasher at up to 65°C. Use commercially available detergents or tabs. For details, please see: https://popfender.com/instruction-manual/

Air drying is recommended after cleaning in the dishwasher. POP Fender is not suitable for drying in a microwave oven, in a tumble dryer or similar. After cleaning, we recommend impregnating the fender We offer you our special impregnation for this purpose,
which you can purchase in the webshop. This will noticeably extend the life of your POP Fender.

Pop Fender in the Neue Vorarlberger Tageszeitung

Please note that POP Fender, just like classic fenders, must not be pinched when mooring.

The fenders need some leeway to ensure their function, only then can POP Fender work like a spring. A stuck POP Fender can fall apart under certain circumstances when subjected to tensile loads. The manufacturer cannot accept any liability for any damage that may occur.

As with classic fenders, you should not position POP Fenders in places where plastic film – for whatever reason – is attached to the hull. Rays of sunlight can heat up this film, which can then result in being rubbed off by the fender.

What material is the POP Fender made of?

The basis for a high-quality product begins with the choice of materials.
We had six materials from different manufacturers tested in the laboratory. Based on this knowledge, we decided to go with TPV SANTROPENE, which is also the most reputable. SANTROPENE’s TPV has been tried and tested in the automotive industry for over 40 years.

Features and characteristics of TPV SANTROPENE are:

  • Application for sealing lines
  • UV aging, ozone and weathering resistance
  • Chemical and oil resistance
  • High resilience over a wide temperature range
  • High bending fatigue strength
  • High thermal and electrical insulation values
  • Weight reduction through the redesign of components compared to thermoset rubber
  • Colorability – metallic, photochromic/thermochromic effects
  • Aesthetics – options for surface, feel and look
  • Recyclable

Read more:
Thermoplastic Vulcanizates TPV | Santoprene® TPV | Celanese

Link for lab test images:

According to the manufacturer, the material TPV is suitable for temperatures ranging from -60°C to +135°C, depending on the type and duration of exposure, and has been tried and tested in the automotive industry. We guarantee a range of use from -10°C to +70°C.

Tensile tests in the non-squeezed state have shown that a tensile load of over 200kg results under linear loading until the individual parts of the POP Fender detach from each other. The individual parts do not break in that process and can be reassembled afterwards.

Details under:

Each individual POP Fender is subject to strict quality control. However, should you have reason for complaint, please let us know. We are committed to find a solution and continually strive to improve our product.

Thank you, POP Fender Team.